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Naturopathic Health Coaching is a professional health service offering support, guidance and experitise to motivate clients in becoming the best expert in their own health.  Whether that is managing a chronic condition, addressing lifestyle issues like sleep, stress and weight management, losing and maintaining a healthy body weight or achieving fitness and mobility goals. What I facilitate for my clients is HEALTH OWNERSHIP and accountability. I believe VIBRANT health is not just about food and nutrition. It is not just about fitness and movement. It is the whole picture - the naturopathic approach which includes whole foods, mindful movement,  how we live our lives, how we connect with others, how active we are in our communities and how much we care for our environment. All these areas to be explored and nurtured.  

Working together achieving your long term health goals.

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health coaching

We passionately believe in a wholistic and functional approach to health. Health is not just what we put in to our bodies, but how we move, how we feel, and how we connect with others. Health coaching supports clients to help them achieve their long term health goals through an integrative approach.



Yoga brought to you via remote teaching. Private classes, schools and office yoga. Alignment flow, trapeze and targeted mobility classes.



A plant-focused, whole foods philosophy is at the core of our nutrition offering. We specialise in gut health, women and family health and immune support. 

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Image 31-07-2020 at 17.08
Image 18-09-2020 at 11.20