What are your intentions for your year ahead?

A new year, a new decade, a fresh set of brand new goals and aspirations.

There is no other time during the year when it feels such an appropriate time to commit to make positive changes in our lives. Particularly this year as we enter into a new decade, it just feels more significant. So where does that leave us if you, like me have never been convinced by the idea of resolutions. There is something that leaves me fearful about failing, about reaching the end of January and realising that the resolutions I’d enthusiastically set at the very start of the new year fall flat.

Which is why shifting our thinking to intentions rather than resolutions might be helpful.
Intention -setting suggests a journey towards a destination rather than a resolution which focuses on the that final aim. The idea of intention helps us focus on long-term change rather than a short-lived goal.

This helps remove some of the pressure of the ultimate goal and instead makes us more aware of what we might need to adjust in our resolve / intention.

For example instead of saying ‘my new years resolution is to lose weight this year’, an intention might be ‘this year I am going to treat my body with respect and kindness. I will focus on nutrient-rich food and take the time to find a sport or fitness class that I really enjoy’.

The other important point here is that our intentions reflect our authentic selves. Unrealistic goals that are not true to our selves will almost always fail. Does it feel authentic to say ‘I’m going to go to the gym three times a week”? Maybe it does and that’s great for you, but if not how about switching that thought to an intention that feels more real to you. ‘I’m going to get outside everyday and walk or cycle if I can rather than use my car. I’ll explore my local yoga studio’s timetable and find a practice that feels right for my body and mind…..’ This switch up in our thinking helps create space for ourselves to find the right path towards our goals.

My intentions for the year are simple – be more present, put down my phone in the evenings (I know this one is a challenge!), find moments of gratitude every day, learn to say no and make more time for the people I love.

What are your intentions for your year ahead?



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