I support INDIVIDUALS and I emphasise this as we are all unique, there really is no one size that fits all - an approach that is very much practiced in western medicine.  I strive to empower my clients to achieve their best health, encouraging them to eat intuitively and supporting them in their food choices.  I advis clients on a wide range of conditions such as skin health, alkalising diets, pre and post pregnancy nutrition, gut health, nutrition for management of chronic illnesses, adrenal fatigue and peri / menopause.

If we want VIBRANT energy we need to consume VIBRANTLY energetic foods and also ensure that our bodies are efficiently using these nutrients, with an optimum functioning digestive system. Nutritional therapy is person-focused rather than disease-focused, where we take time to really understand our client's health, understanding their eating, sleep and work habits, fitness and relaxation, family and their connection to their environment - taking the wholistic view to better understand a client's whole health and why they are manifesting their symptoms.

I take a functional approach to nutritional health, as I do with my health coaching, which is based on the pillars of food and nutrition and mindful movement. Everything we eat and digest has a profound effect on our entire human sytem. When we take the time to really get to know how our body works we develop more mindful eating patterns and become experts in our own health. This is my goal for my clients - to feel they own their digestive health and not default to delegate to doctors or dieticians as soon as something doesn't feel right. I support all my clients with additional resources and invite them to my workshops and live food and cookery demos to futher help motivate and empower them with their health.


We discuss your nutrition goals, then go through a detailed health history together and after I have analysed your 5 day food diary, deliver your bespoke nutrition plan. Any requirement for additional testing is arranged separately and if necessary a referral to your GP, then together we assess whether the changes suggested are realistic for you and sustainable in the long term. I send all supporting documents seperately and have additional recipe bundles available for purchase to encourage and inspire you to try new recipes to further enhance your nutritional wellness journey.

I recommend arranging a follow up after 2-3 weeks to give yourself time to adjust to your personalised plan.

I offer follow up calls on arrangement.


Your investment - £120

  • Upon booking or following a free 15 minute discovery call, I will send you a 5-day food diary and client agreement forms
  • A week later we'll schedule a 1hr consultation through Zoom or Skype to go through your health history and my analysis of your food diary along with your personalised nutrition plan which I will email to you.
  • Along with this I will also send you additional resources and pdf's to support your plan, eg guides on specific nutrients, elimination diet plans, sprouting and fermenting guides etc


Follow up 30 minute calls - £40




Vegan recipe bundle - £30

Nourish your adrenals, the anti-stress recipe bundle - £30

Nutritional support for hormone balance ebook - £25

Nutrition for Pregnancy ebook - £30

Cleanse & Reset ebook - coming soon 



I am also an Advanced Dietary Supplements advisor. In additon,  or to complement your nutritional consultation, I can analyse and assess your food dairy and make recommendations for supplements to address your symptoms and enhance your health and wellbeing.


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Lets work together

Nutrition qualifications -

CNM Naturopathic Health Coaching (ANP)

CNM Nutrition for everyday living

ITEC Complementary Therapies dip.

ITEC Anatomy & Physiology

ITEC Holistic Nutrition dip.

Natural Health School - Holistic Nutrition dip.

Natural Health School  - Advanced Nutrition dip. (distinction)

C.Of.E Raw Nutritionist dip

"It was only when Izzy went through my food diary with me that I learnt that I was very low in iron which was most likely contributing to my fatigue and other symptoms. After making some dietary changes through Izzy's recommendations, my symptoms improved hugely. She continues to support me and sends me recipes which are always delicious and simple to follow."

 - Private client, May 2019

"I wanted some advice on detoxing after a period of over-indulgence through lots of work and socialising commitments and was recommended Izzy by a mutual friend. She guided me through a gentle detox program and I felt the benefit afterwards which lasted a long time. The advice was actually really simple, and I was still eating delicious food during the detox. She also made me aware that toxins come from many sources not just food. It wasn't just advising about food but also chemicals in our household and personal care products."

- Private client, February 2019