Izzy first studied Nutrition when she trained in Complementary Therapies in  2001. Diet and Nutrition was one of the modules included in the course and of all the therapies she studied and trained in, holistic nutrition was the one that she developed a real interest in. Having always been curious about food and raised in an international family, Izzy had been exposed to many different tastes and types of foods from a very young age.  Adding to this curiosity was an awareness of the therapeutic effect of foods and drinks. Her interest in training grew and she became more and more focused on learning about nutrition for health. Furthering her studies Izzy covered in depth anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and advanced nutrition, taking courses in nutrition for sports and recovery, family nutrition and raw nutrition delving deeper in to the effect of foods on all our body systems.

We are what we eat and we are what we absorb..

Izzy has personally explored most food philosophies, from paleo to vegan before settling on the one simple plant-focused whole foods philosophy. Izzy believes that plants, in their most natural organic state, are the planet’s healthiest foods, trusting in a functional approach to health based on fundamental pillars of food and nutrition and mindful movement. If we want vibrant energy we need to consume vibrantly energetic foods and also ensure our bodies are efficiently using these nutrients, with an optimum functioning digestive system.


Izzy works with private clients, businesses, schools and yoga studios delivering educational nutrition workshops supported by food demos.

These are delivered through Zoom currently but are back up and running in September!

Nutrition qualifications -

ITEC Complementary Therapies dip.

ITEC Anatomy & Physiology

ITEC Diet & Nutrition dip.

ITEC Holistic Nutrition dip.

Natural Health School - Holistic Nutrition dip.

Natural Health School  - Advanced Nutrition dip. (distinction)

C.Of.E Raw Nutritionist dip

CNM Naturopathic Health Coaching (ANP)


For more information on food diary, symptom analysis and consultations 

"It was only when Izzy went through my food diary with me that I learnt that I was very low in iron which was most likely contributing to my fatigue and other symptoms. After making some dietary changes through Izzy's recommendations my symptoms improved massively. She continues to support me and sends me recipes which are always delicious and simple to follow."

 - Private client, May 2019

"I wanted some advice on detoxing after a period of over-indulgence through lots of work and socialising commitments and was recommended Izzy by a mutual friend. She guided me through a gentle detox program and I felt the benefit afterwards which lasted a long time. The advice was actually really simple, and I was still eating delicious food during the detox. She also made me aware that toxins come from many sources not just food. It wasn't just advising about food but also chemicals in our household and personal care products."

- Private client, February 2019