Increasingly we come to understand the correlation between staff absences and stress and illness.  An unbelievable £77 billion pounds is lost annually in the UK due to sick leave. More and more companies are investing in their people's wellbeing and are committed to helping them nurture their health and wellness with the help and support of a nutritional coach.

We offer wellness workshops in the workplace combining both nutritional support, food demos and office / chair yoga.

Working closely with client requirements, bespoke wellness packages can include a nutritional talk, a yoga class and food to support the theme. For example a workshop entitled ‘Winter Wellness’ might include a nutrition talk focussing on immune-boosting foods, a warming restorative yoga class and some raw protein bites or a nourishing nutrient-rich soup to sample as an example of energising foods. Workshops are always followed up with a key-points handout, top tips and recipe card for everyone to take home.

Workshops are designed to inform, inspire and ignite curiosity about the effect food has on our physical and mental health. Nutrition is a constantly evolving science - guidelines and recommendations change all the time. Our intention is to offer practical and informative advice and simple tips that can be implemented straight away at home.


"Izzy delivered an internal workshop for our consultants. Whilst we all know that fueling our bodies is important to our wellbeing, doing so when we are time pressured is often a challenge. Izzy helped us unpack some of the myths around healthy eating and left us with useful practical tips to eat well and keep our energy levels up throughout the day. She is interesting, knowledgeable and adds real, practical value".

- M. Smith-Moore PA Consulting

"I had a really productive afternoon following a lunchtime yoga and nutrition session - an hour of switching off in the middle of the day goes a long way. I also thought I hated felafels but after the most delicious lunch I now eat them all the time!"

- E. Fox-Andrews WW Ltd

"Thanks very much to Izzy for coming in to our offices to teach some yoga which has not only seen an improvement to postures but has been great for office teamwork. To finish, the delicious homemade food gave me the right kind of energy to continue my working day in a positive environment."

- H.Roberts WW Ltd

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