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This past year has changed the way most of us are delivering our work. Many are now working from home, often sitting in a chair in a home office that was never intended to be a full time working set-up. We are moving less, snacking more and staring at screens much more than we ever have due to remote meetings. What was meant to be a short-term solution has become a longer-term reality for many and it seems we are going to be working this way for a good while longer.

What I offer here at Nourish & Flow is wellness workshops which combine both nutritional support, wellness coaching, yoga and meditation.

These remote bespoke wellness programmes centre on foods for mental health focus and immune support as well as mindset strategy coaching and functional yoga to help counteract those long hours sitting at desks in front of screens. They also offer a space for teams to develop bonds and teamship, an opportunity to remain engaged about their health and wellness and relax together nurturing their mental health, all of which is so tricky to focus on in these days of limited human contact.

Elevate your team's wellness

My workshops are designed to inform, inspire and ignite curiosity about the effect food has on our physical and mental health and key functional movement has on our physical body. Workshops help guide your team towards healthy food choices to fuel brain power and productivity as well as keeping them motivated and connected to their health goals.

The benefits of these programmes result in an increase in employee performance and productivity due to enhanced wellness. A better work / life balance results in an increase in happiness and overall contentment with all work related matters. Healthier eating plans and mindful nutrition results in stronger immune systems and less days taken off due to sickness. Breathing techniques and meditation guides employees to reduced stress and anxiety.

I offer a simple team package as well as an individual tailored health coaching package (perfect for anyone experiencing a health challenge or returning to work after illness or maternity leave) with an optional add-on for yoga, for groups of up to 15. For larger teams I recommend running additional sessions so we can all fully engage, encourage discussion and trouble-shoot some common challenges.

Popular themes include -

  • Protein for productivity

  • Setting and committing to your health goals

  • Smart nutrition to avoid the afternoon slump

  • Immune support for winter wellness

  • Mastering the work /life balance whilst WFH

Workshops are accompanied with slides and resources for everyone to keep, recipes to make at home and a recorded meditation to listen to at any time.

£60 per person 1 hour session

Add on yoga 35 minutes £8 per person


"Izzy delivered an internal workshop for our consultants. Whilst we all know that fueling our bodies is important to our wellbeing, doing so when we are time pressured is often a challenge. Izzy helped us unpack some of the myths around healthy eating and left us with useful practical tips to eat well and keep our energy levels up throughout the day. She is interesting, knowledgeable and adds real, practical value".

M. Smith

Moore PA Consulting

"I had a really productive afternoon following a lunchtime yoga and nutrition session - an hour of switching off in the middle of the day goes a long way. I also thought I hated felafels but after the most delicious lunch I now eat them all the time!"

E. Fox

Andrews WW Ltd

"Thanks very much to Izzy for coming in to our offices to teach some yoga which has not only seen an improvement to postures but has been great for office teamwork. To finish, the delicious homemade food gave me the right kind of energy to continue my working day in a positive environment."


WW Ltd

"I was fortunate enough to be invited through a colleague to one of Izzy's corporate programmes. I joined for the yoga and nutrition part. I am not a confident yogi and spend most of my time wobbling in each pose! Izzy explained the poses thoroughly and encouraged me which built my confidence. The yoga definitely helped me feel much less stressed out and if you haven't tried Izzy's dahl recipe yet you must. It is ridiculously delicious and this is coming from a girl who hates lentils!

G. Wood 

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