Health coaching is a whole health professional service which focuses on empowering and motivating clients to healthier lifestyle choices. I am a qualified CNM Health Coach and member of the UK Health Coaches Association. I promote a functional and bespoke method of healthcare tailored to YOU to fit YOUR agenda and YOUR goals.

I offer ongoing support, accountability check-ins and health mentoring all to support you in your health and wellness journey - whether that involves manifesting lifestyle changes through to the management of chronic illnesses; always aligned with naturopathic principles and recommending gentle and natural self-care tools and nourishment through whole foods.

 VIBRANT health is available to everyone. It is your right to feel and be your best possible self and I am here to take the journey alongside you.






  • Helping yourself feel protected from colds and sniffles this season
  • Shifting toxins out of your body that are weighing you down
  • Eating clean and gorgeous plant-based foods to nourish your body and soul
  • Setting, exploring and meeting your health goals
  • Moving towards a shift in mindset to enable you to feel EMPOWERED about your health
  • Feeling calm and enjoying less stress as we move through the winter season
  • Offering your body a bespoke yoga practice, tailored meditation and sequences to best support you
  • Having a health mentor, someone who checks in on you and who is with you every step to help support and motivate you, celebrating with you every achievement, no matter how small or big
  • How amazing it will feel to overcome the barriers that have prevented you from achieving your health goals.


Are you ready to face the winter months ahead as the HEALTHIEST HAPPIEST you?


As a naturopathic health coach, holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher, I created this program as I understand how so many of us today feel overwhelmed with all the conflicting health information that is available to us. We receive our information from many sources; friends, healthcare practitioners, social media, TV, the government... no wonder we are all confused and often question which is the best health advice. I wanted to create a transformative package that offers the best of my nutritional therapy, yoga and coaching expertise in a functional yet therapuetic manner. I'm here alongside you answering any questions at any time.

I have been working as a holistic nutritionist and complementary therapist for nearly 18 years. I have studied and researched and spent much time exploring nutrition, sorting the facts from the fiction, undertaking training programs to further my understanding on natural health. My nutrition philosophy is based on un-processed, whole, nourishing and vibrant foods to help support all body systems. Yet I am a big advocate for BALANCE. I understand the need to nourish not only BODY, but also SOUL. Food is intented to be enjoyed - to activate our sensory receptors - to be shared and loved and explored and the recipes I share with you reflect this ethos. I encourage an intuituve approach to eating which helps you to really tune in to how the food connects with you. This brings about empowerment so you can become the best expert in your own health.

My intention in creating this program is to offer people just like you to find out what really works for their body. What makes your body feel good instead of making you feel weighed down.

I understand how so many of us struggle to find the time for ourselves, for our self care, for our yoga practice or any mindful movement that feels good for our bodies.


Here's what the package includes:

  • Full case history consultation
  • Goal setting and intentions
  • 5 day food diary analysis
  • Full coaching plan to include bespoke nutrition guidance
  • 2 new delicious and creative plant-based recipes per week for you to create
  • Bespoke yoga class either remote or in-person with tailored pose guide to support your practice.
  • Copy of my DAILY AFFIRMATIONS ebook
  • Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen resource to help you make the best choices when you are food shopping
  • Access to my private facebook group for added support and community
  • Access to my pinterest boards for daily quotes, inspirations and non-toxic house and skin-care recipes
  • My mobile number so we can stay connected
  • Regular accountability check-ins


YOUR INVESTMENT £485 (option to pay in 2 instalments)



Add ons -

  • Extend the program £130 per week
  • Support your Hormones with Nutrition ebook - £35
  • Nourish your Adrenals ebook - £35
  • 40 delicious vegan recipes bundle - £45





Copy of Manifestation Coach Lead Magnets | | Beautiful Coaching Tools

TROUBLE SHOOT 45 minute coaching calls

Feeling stuck?

Need a bit of motivation to keep to a health goal?

Feeling low about lockdown and want to keep positive and empowered about your health?

In these 45 minute coaching calls we identify, discuss and break down your health and wellness barriers. Together we formulate a plan that is saturated in self-care, nourishing with whole foods and empowering with high-vibe affirmations. These can be repeated weekly or for however long you need. All supported with additional resources to keep you committed and journeying towards your most VIBRANT health.



Add ons -

  • Symptom analysis and tailored dietary supplement program - £75
  • 1:1 yoga (45 minutes)  - £50
  • Guided meditation (30 minutes) - £35





During our sessions, Izzy helped me to cultivate a healthier lifestyle by assessing my health conditions that then led to us developing health goals. Izzy has a great ability to encourage rather than direct plans and goals for personal growth. I highly recommend working with Izzy! She is professional, a fount of knowledge, extremely helpful, compassionate and a great listener. She has an incredible gift to customise your session and suggestions specifically for you. With Izzy guiding you, you will learn about nutrition, stress relievers and methods to enhance your life.

A. Strong October 2020

I've been travelling for work for most of the past year and my digestive health has really suffered. I was experiencing skin break outs and extreme stress. Izzy helped me develop a coaching plan which was very self-care focused and I realised I hadn't been dedicating enough time for my health and mind. As my symptoms improved I realised just how overwhelmed I had been feeling for a long time. I highly recommend working with Izzy, her knowledge is vast and she has set me on a journey of empowerment which will always stay with me.

E. Lanitta October 2020

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