I teach yoga through Zoom classes, to my coaching and corporate clients, in studio and on a 1:1 or small group basis. More details on these below.

I also have comprehensive insurance to practice with all age groups and hold a full DBS certificate for teaching families and younger yogis. Feel free to get in touch using the contact form if you would like to practice with me. I teach all abilities and my personal style is slow breath-focused vinyasa flow with an emphasis on grounding and alignment.

Alignment-Focused Vinyasa Flow

A challenging yet fun flowing class to help build not only physical strength and flexibility but to also offer space for turning inward, connecting with the breath and allowing for space and calm in the mind.

Trapeze Yoga

Trapeze yoga is a form of suspended yoga and is incredibly therapeutic, particularly for those with back issues. With careful guidance students enjoy passive inversions and instant back traction. This in effect creates space in the spine decompressing the intervertebral discs and giving instant pain relief to many students. In addition, the flying yoga sequence builds strength in the posterior chain to protect the back and help prevent future injuries. It is also wonderful for helping build focus on alignment, particularly when taking the practice to mat-based classes, where students sometimes feel pressure in their joints. In the trapeze, the joints are supported so students can really focus on building strength, balance and flexibility.

I teach Zoom trapeze through request , 1:1's and small groups and classes, twice per week in Burchetts Green, Maidenhead and Zen House in Beaconsfield. See timeable to book or send an enquiry.

Gravity Yoga

Gravity yoga is a targeted functional mobility practice which focuses on flexibility by changing the fascia and lengthening muscle tissue - this is particularly beneficial for those who spend a lot of time sitting and feel their bodies as being 'stuck' or 'stiff'.  These classes are slow and very breath-focused. Although they are highly effective in gaining flexibility, they are also wonderful for supporting hormone health as long holds stimulate certain endocrine centres.

Gravity yoga classes are taught either as a complete class or in combination with a regular class. This functional yoga is popular with my corporate clients.

Office Yoga

These classes focus on decompression and opening poses in the shoulders and hips. With so many people now working from home, many of us have had to really compromise our posture, and having to spend many hours seated, often in chairs that are not intended to support our spine as proper desk chairs at work might.

I teach through Zoom or in house (Lockdown dependent!) to small groups where spacing permits.

Yoga for Schools

Many schools are including yoga for children in their curriculum and activity programs. Yoga is proving to be of great benefit to children's mental health. Anxiety and low self-esteem amongst children is alarmingly high. Yoga helps build confidence and calm to young people, inviting them to focus on their breathing as well as their postures which all help develop the importance of self-care from an early age.

I also offer yoga to staff. Teachers give the best of themselves all the time and often don't have the time to focus on their own wellbeing. Staff yoga is wonderful for teacher's wellness, their physical strength and mobility as well as encouraging team-togetherness.

Let's practice yoga!

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