I’m Izzy, a whole-foods loving yogi, registered nutritional therapist and naturopathic health coach.

I’m a plant-focused registered Nutritional Therapist, BANT associate and member of the ANP. I am also a whole foods caterer and yoga teacher. I am passionate about helping others achieve their best health through whole plant foods and mindful movement. I also cater for yoga retreats, events and supperclubs, delivering plant-based nutritional workshops and visiting schools and offices offering yoga classes plus nutritional talks and food demos. It’s vitally important to me that the foods and ingredients I present and advise are not only nutritionally balanced but are also delicious. I spend a long time in my kitchen developing creative and nutritionally charged recipes. Aside from my yoga mat, my kitchen is my happy place.

As a child I travelled a lot and was raised in a bilingual family. Food has always played a crucial role in family gatherings - it was always at the heart of celebrations. I lived in Paris during my teenage years and that’s where I developed a real passion for delicious and seasonal foods. It was normal to shop at markets in the town square every week direct from the farmers and growers. The restaurants, the incredible patisseries, the eccentrically furnished brasseries all made a big impression and I believe ignited a passion for beautiful and creative cookery.

My interest in natural health began 25 years ago when I took my first yoga class. The link between body and mind became more apparent as I practiced and as I learnt more about yoga philosophy.  I loved practicing and experimented with different styles and yoga became more than a physical practice - I turned to yoga for mental health support, and practiced throughout my pregnancies. After many years of personal practice I completed my 200hr teacher training vinyasa flow / anusara alignment style with Yoga Alliance, and I’ve since gone on to train and qualify in trapeze, gravity, family and children's yoga. I am now happily teaching alongside working as a nutritional therapist; the two practices complementing each other as I work towards my Naturopathic Health Coach diploma with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in November this year.

I get a huge amount of inspiration from nature. I love the outdoors, big walks in the country, travelling and exploring new places with my family. I feel very connected  to the seasons and like to weave this in to my food and themes for my yoga classes. For me there is no better way to gain that perspective on life and our place in the universe than by gazing out on an amzing landscape or by watching an angry storm over a turbulent sea.

But most importantly, I am a mum to four delightfully messy, noisy, relentlessly energetic boys. My family are my greatest teachers and supporters. They have challenged me, pushed me, and taken me to the very edge of my patience and sanity sometimes! They are the ones who are honest and upfront, who tell me when something I’ve cooked is ‘completely yucky mummy’ and also the ones to say ‘you need to sell this in a shop!’ They MOSTLY drink their morning smoothies, actually my teenage sons now make their own, and most evenings we practice a little calming yoga flow in the front room. Children are really incredible little humans - I truly believe normalising self-care will go a long way to helping their long term happiness and emotional wellness. I love working with others in the health and wellness field and often collaborate on a shared project. I would love to hear from you 🙂


Izzy x

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